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5 diamond Couple Rings Set: a timeless gift

What are the characteristics and meanings of five stone rings?

The 5 diamond ring has many characteristics

It is a fact that if you are looking to impress a woman, gifting her a diamond ring is the best choice. The 5 diamond ring is one of the most popular rings among women. Although it's not as popular as the solitaire, it is beautiful and can be given for various occasions. The precious stones are arranged around the circumference of the jewel. The 5 diamond ring is made by goldsmiths in white gold. The gems are brilliant cut diamonds of uniform sizes or, in some cases, with the central stone bigger than the lateral stones. The meaning of the 5 diamond ring is intrinsic: love commitment, passion and fidelity. that is why the eternity is one of the first rings to be presented at the time of engagement.

When should you give a 5 diamond ring

A diamond ring with 5 diamonds is usually a sophisticated and elegant gift that a man offers to the woman who he loves as a sign of enduring love. This exquisite gift is offered for many occasions: to commemorate an anniversary of marriage, or to commemorate the birth of a child or to mark the occasion of his baptism. In the ring of five diamonds, it is precisely this latter aspect that symbolize the depth of affection one feels for the other diamond. Diamonds are the most durable and tough gemstone that is found in nature.

Diamond rings of various types

There are not just diamond rings that come with five stones set. They can be bought with seven stones, or diamonds throughout. In this last case unlike the ring with five diamonds the precious stones are positioned along the entire circumference of the ring. In most cases, this ring is called a riviera band. Naturally, the quantity of stones used determines the variation in price. In recent years zirconia rings have become more popular because they are made from precious stones.

The meaning of the diamond engagement ring

The diamond ring is an emblem of love that should not be missed. The symbolic meaning is clear if you think about the circle made of diamonds which make up the ring. These stones are also considered to be stable and are unlikely to change over time. This is similar to a real and stable relationship. The diamond ring is perfect to be given as a gift when you decide to make a marriage proposal to your girlfriend.

White gold lightpoints simple, elegant and ideal for any occasion. Let's take a look at the creations of the master craftsmen Franchin Gioielli

Brilliant light points and light point necklace

The brilliant light points and a light point necklace are the most adored and sought-after jewels by women. A light point necklace is one that never loses its charm and appeal. It is able to attract every woman, and create an aura of romance and elegance without being matched. Light point chokers can be paired with a variety of outfits. A white gold light-point set is a piece of jewelry that is closely associated with the great Italian goldsmith tradition and jewelry tradition.

Different kinds of light point jewelry

The diamonds for light-point necklaces and jewelry are distinguished by different shapes that reflect the distinctive aspect of the light point represented by the minimal and important lines: they follow a geometric pattern using regular shapes or may be made into shapes like hearts and flowers, or stars, or other representations. For the creation of a light-pointed jewel, precious stones like zircons, diamonds, and Swarovski are utilized. These stones can convey class and elegance, and also add personality to an outfit. A light point jewel is a heavenly idea, a gift able to communicate the strong bond you have with your partner that is a strong and significant bond, destined to last over time, exactly like a jewel.

The real nature of light point necklaces

The real beauty of the light point necklace is most likely to be illustrated by the prestigious gold models with diamond The harmony and combination of diamond and gold, noble elements par excellence, give rise to distinctive jewels, in terms of their purity and class. A diamond necklace is an item that can be worn daily evening. It's a perfect piece to wear with or without jewels. Franchin Gioielli, a dependable jeweler for timeless jewels is the jeweler you can count on. The price of a pendant with a lightpoint is crucial and could range from 300 euros to several thousand euros.


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